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Click to listen ---ArzukRadio--- This players has being a donation by Sal Censoprano Thank you!

2017 was a great year here at ArzukRadio, We add 267 new songs and 48 new Artist, we have 312 programs from Arzuk Music Choice, we increased our audience 117% from last year, and we add 5 different programs. Sal Censoprano save the station from closing a couple times and help us to add our players on different place.

We hope this year gets even better we already got approx 21 New songs and a few more artist in  line. Me and Bobby would like to thank everyone for listening and all your support during 2017, and weare looking forward for a great 2018. 

Most Popular Songs

Sal Censoprano - I'll Be Back

John Scott - I Gotta Go

John Scott - Barstow City

Nervous Tic Motion - For Your Sake

 Peter Green & The Revox - Wake Up

ArzukRadio Sponsors 

- Sal Censoprano

- John Cotton

- Rebecca Hosking

- Rose Morales McNally

- Raymond Rowe

- Diane Marie

Most Loyal Listeners

John Scott

Sal Censoprano

Helen Bawden

Ginny Foley

Jay Goldberg

Jeremy & Chris Stork

Pat & Brian Evans

Rose Morales McNally

Karen Sucher

Most Progress Artist

Karen Sucher

Most Played Artist

Rebecca Hosking

Most Requested songs:

Chicken Truck - Jim Parker, Song Of The Bong - Steven Frumkes,

Monsters In The Street - Glenn Tubb 

 and Dirt Track - Ruzz Evans

Arzuk Music Award 2017 Winners 

Learn More

Best Artist Of The Month         Best New Artist

- Gavin Kaufman                       - John Foster

- Studeo                                      - Karen Sucher

- Karen Sucher                          - Ruzz Evans

- Rebecca Hosking                    - Diane DeLeasa

  Total 322 Votes                           Total 278 Votes

Best Humorous Song                   Best Band

- Remerge Band                             - Steve James

- Robin DeLorenzo                        - James Boraski

- Chromata                                    - Red Vinyl

- Jim Parker                                    - North Lake Band

  Total 219 Votes.                               Total 443 Votes

Best Original Song                          Best Cover Song

- Randy Moore                                 - Sal Censoprano    

- Ground Pilots                                - Rick Barret

- Rebecca Hosking                          - Karen Sucher

- Studeo                                            - Acousti Musicians 

Total 449 Votes                                   Of Jupiter

                                                              Total Votes 478

Bost Song Writer                       Best Non English Song

- Rebecca Hosking                   - Menahem Avnaim &

- John Cotton                                   Doron Orsiano

- Diane DeLeasa                        - Akif Haseeb

- Gary Cornman                        - Charlie Morr

- Studeo                                      - Robert Wuagneux

Total 316 Votes                                Total VOtes  209

Best Country Song                          Best Blues/Jazz

- Randy Moore                              - Slinky & P'tit Loup 

- Luther Lews                                - Ginno Goss

- Rebecca Hosking                        - Karena K

- Rebecca Mae &                           - Studeo

         Jack Lawless

Total Votes 379

Best Hip-Hop/ Free Style               Best Instrumental 

- Maini Sorri & M. Dayo             - Remerge Band

- Atman Michael                         - Ruzz Evans

- Jaii RyDa                                    - Jamie Smith's MARBON

- Sean Kehoen                             - Vittorino Gerlini  

  Total Votes 404                              Total Votes 207

Best Reggae Song                       Best Rock Band

- John Scott                                  - J Minus

- Gianna Gianna                           - No Politics

- Trevor Roots                              - Siravo

- Steven Fumkes                          - Chromata

Total 215 Votes                              Total 239 Votes

Best Other Genre                      Best Male Artist 

- Pete Braven                               - Sal Censoprano

- Jen Erickson                              - Randy Moore

- John Bauman                            - Luther Lewis

- Tim Munro                                - David Hegarty

Total 174 Votes                               Total 459 Votes

Besrt Femnale Artist                ArzukRadio Choice 

- Rebecca Hosking                     - Sal Censoprano

- Diane Gentes                           - Rebecca Hosking

- Karen Sucher                           - John Scott

- Robin DeLorenzo                    - Studeo

Total Votes 319                           - Jen Erickson

                                                     - As The Crows Flies

                                                        Total Votes 592

The Haberdashery                    Arzuk Artist Of The year

Choice                                                          2017

I'll Be Back

For Your Sake                                      John Scott

Song Of The Bong

Arzuk Music Awards 2017

This is a yearly event, during the year, we select a number of Independent Artist, 

a panel of 12 Judges, outside Arzuk Productions select 4  nominees for each category: 

From our program Arzuk Artist Of The Month- New Artist At ArzukRadio - Humorous Song - Traditional Band - Original Song - Cover Song - Song Writer - Non English Song - Country - Soul/Blues/Jazz - Hip Hop/Rap - Instrumental - Reggae - Rock Band - Other Genre - Male Artist - Female Artist - ArzukRadio Artist Of The Year - The Haberdashery Choice -

Artist Of The Year 2017 

once the nominees are selected we set a poll for the public to vote for the artist they support,  selecting then the winner of each category.

2016 was the first AMA , with great results a total of 6387 friends, fans and listeners of ArzukRadio took part of this event. 

This year 2017 the results will be announce on

Wednesday January 17, 2018 at 2 pm PST on a live program with 

Gonzo Arzamendi & Bobby Ludlam   

 Other Programs

Arzuk Music choice - Classic Musicians Of Today - Make A Tune - Arzuk Music Awards - Do You Remember?

Make A Request -  

Nominees on each category was:

Gary Roberts - Ground Pilots -  Robin DeLorenzo - Siravo - Vittorio Garlini -  Ivory Tower Project 

Akif Haseeb - Albert Bermudez & Brent Boberg - BlackDogHat - Calum Duel -Clarke Burton -  Rebecca Hosking - Remerge Band - Helder Rock - Sal Censoprano

John Scott - Nick Barnes - Karen Sucher - Karena K - Mr. Florian -  Randy Moore - Gavin Kaufman -     As The Crow Flies - Hendrik Gruber


Award Winners 

Learn More


- Best Independent Arzuk 2016

- Best Female Artist

Rebecca Hosking

Listen music


- Best Cover Song

- Best Male Artist


- Best Male Artist

Randy C. Moore

Listen Music


 - Best Foreign Language 

Hendrik Gruber

Listen Music


Best Songwriter

Nick Barnes

Listen Music


Best Original Song

Gavin Kaufman

Listen Music


Best Instrumental Artist

Helder Rock

Listen Music


Best Group / Band

As The Crow Flies

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